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Here’s Why YOU Should Invest in the #CooperZone Academies Learning Platform

The #CooperZone Academies Learning Platform competes on quality, not cost. If you’re looking for “cheap,” we’re not the solution for you. If you’re looking for results, we’ve got you covered. Our programs lead clients through the journey of gathering knowledge, gaining insight and taking action … quickly.

Invest in a #CooperZone Academy and you can expect ACTIONable content. Here’s what else you can expect: 

Complex Ideas, Strategies and Tactics Made Simple:   TC Cooper has a gift for making complex or confusing ideas simple. She avoids jargon whenever possible and explains everything in great detail.  TC brings this gift to #CooperZone Academies in the way she teaches and also supervises lessons she doesn’t personally teach.  The structure of video lessons in our academies contain just the mix of new information and repetition necessary to learn, gain insight, then implement … quickly.


Thoughtful and Strategically Designed Curriculum:  Topics covered in #CooperZone Academies have been selected to make it easy for you to master the strategies, tactics and mindset necessary to use social media to help accomplish your business goals. Unlike some other learning platforms, lessons in the #CooperZone Academies are not a random collection of social marketing tips and tricks.  Our lessons are organized into categories we call “modules.” The modules are designed to help you work through the academy lessons in a logical way that makes it easy to incorporate what you’re learning into your daily action – leading to measurable results.   At #CooperZone Academies, implementation is key and results reign supreme.

Opportunities to Influence New Lessons:   As a member of Digital Influencers Mastermind or Social Media Leader group coaching programs, you have a say in the development of new social media marketing lessons.  If you have a relevant question that’s not covered in the academy that you have enrolled in (e.g. Tweeple Impact, LinkedIn Impact, Periscope Live Streaming Impact or Social Media Magic), TC and her team of Certified UpwardAction® Consultants will develop or invest in information to answer it. Our team is committed to you having the information and insight necessary for YOUR success.

Group Coaching and Accountability: The CooperZone Academies Learning Platform provide opportunities to work directly with a Certified UpwardAction® Accountability Coach to keep you on track for accomplishing your goals. When you enroll in the Digital Influencer Mastermind or Social Media Leader programs, you’ll work with your accountability coach every month for the duration of your program. This personal attention goes a long way in helping you transform your business goals into your business reality.

Social Media Training in DC with TC Cooper

Access for Up to Three Members of Your Staff: Clients of our Social Media Magic Lab Academy, Digital Influencers Mastermind and Social Media Leaders programs are authorized to provide up to three members of your permanent staff (or your in-office student interns) with access to our on-demand video lessons, monthly training calls and monthly accountability calls.

Special Discounts to Small Group In-Person Training Programs:  TC will host small group training programs of 10 people or less in Washington, DC at least twice year.  As a member of Digital Influencers Mastermind or Social Media Leader group coaching programs, you’ll have the first opportunity to register for these opportunities at no less than a 25% discount.

Our Technology Is Easy To Use:   The online learning platform that hosts the #CooperZone Academies makes it easy for you to watch videos, read PowerPoint-based guidelines, view infographics and use the electronic notepad that’s available for each lesson. You can do all of this from your desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. If you have a device and access to the Internet or a data plan, you’ll find it easy to use the #CooperZone Academies.

TC Cooper’s Personal Seal of Approval:   All lessons in the #CooperZone Academies Learning Platform are developed or approved by TC Cooper, a leader in the online digital marketing space.   The content within each #CooperZone Academy has been created with the person who is consuming the information in mind. TC has provided social media marketing training and support for lawyers, small business owners and organizations that include the DC Bar Association, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Counsel on Foreign Relations, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers, Rutgers School of Business (Newark, NJ) and White House Fellows Programs, just to name a few.   Invest in a #CooperZone Academy and you have access to TC’s knowledge. Sign-up for anything else and take your chances.

Stephanie BurroughsTasha Cooper is a phenomenal magnetic branding and social media trainer and coach. I have hired her on behalf of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Procurement Programs to develop several training programs and to consult with our clients. TC provides practical, insightful and clear directions for implementing a workable plan of action for branding your company and using Web 2.0 strategies to will grow your business. I highly recommend her for your next speaking or training program.

Stephanie Burroughs

Dan-MillsThank you very much for your time and energy in presenting the three Build Momentum with Social Media sessions for our members. The feedback from the lawyers was very positive. It was especially helpful that you were able to demonstrate how a lawyer can turn her/his LinkedIn profile into a dynamic tool for building a network and communicating one’s problem solving ability and expertise. Showing lawyers how and when to use Twitter was very useful because you provided a clear strategy for getting results from this tool.

Daniel Mills, Esq.

David G. Ross, Esq. My all‐day VIP Strategy Session with Tasha was phenomenal. Not only did she demonstrate encyclopedic knowledge of social media marketing, but she also proved extremely well‐prepared to address the specific needs of my firm. She was an enthusiastic, clear, and patient teacher who helped this internet marketing novice see the big picture.

David G. Ross, Esq.

John Childress Testimony for Tasha CooperI have had the great pleasure of bringing Tasha in twice for entrepreneur training programs. As someone who has taught entrepreneurship for many years and brought in countless speakers and business coaches, I can say without hesitation that Tasha Cooper is the best speaker and business coach that I have ever seen. She is a brilliant business strategist who also has outstanding communication skills. You literally cannot even write down all the great business solutions that she produces! I fully recommend Tasha with my highest praise.

John Childress

 I attended a lunch and learn session that Tasha led on using social media that was outstanding. She gave a great overview of ways to grow and expand your practice through Twitter. She opened a new world to me and I’m excited about using what she taught.

Femeia Adamson, Esq.

andres-mejer_bioI found Tasha’s LinkedIn and Twitter presentations to the DC Bar Association extremely informative. As a business consultant and service provider, I know the importance of employing social marketing for self‐promotion. Tasha shared creative, practical and time efficient ways to use social media in my business. Her thorough presentations showed me how to improve my LinkedIn profile and to use Twitter to provide value and get the word out about my firm.

Deb Gaveglio