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CooperZone™ Academies
The Premier Online Training Center for Social Media Marketing and Social Selling

Internal knowledge of how to use social media and digital technology is important for businesses and law firms that want to connect with their target market.

Social marketing is a critical skill for anyone and everyone who is in the business of attracting ideal opportunities and generating revenue.


More than 35,000 people follow UpwardAction® on Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and LinkedIn channels for social marketing insight, tips and strategies. CEO of UpwardAction®, TC Cooper developed the CooperZone™ Academies to teach you how we did it and how you can to. Enroll in the Tweeple Impact Academy, Linked Impact Academy, Live Streaming Impact Academy, Social Media Magic Lab Academy or our comprehensive training program – Digital Influencers Mastermind for clear instructions on how to get started today.

The CooperZone™ Academies are perfect for:
(1) Business owners who want to generate new revenue,
(2) Aspiring social media managers for small businesses and law firms,
(3) GenX and Baby Boomers who are starting businesses and need to understand the social space and
(4) Folks who know how to technically use social media, but need to learn how to use social tools to generate leads for business and nurture client relationships.


Watching the following videos for an inside look at what goes on in the CooperZone™ Social Marketing Academies.

Tasha “TC” Cooper is your lead instructor for the #CooperZone Academies.


TC Cooper, president of UpwardAction®, is not only an attorney, but also a teacher at heart who has invested nearly two decades in helping professional service providers and small business owners use social marketing and digital technology to build influential brands that support specific business objectives. This work started with her involvement in the Non-Profit Clinic at Columbia Law School as a student (where she worked with small businesses), showed up in her work-life as a big firm lawyer when she co-wrote a chapter in the legal treatise – Securities Law in the Electronic Age, and has evolved into developing the #CooperZone Academies™ Learning Portal more than 16 years later.

TC brings her distinct teaching and consulting style to the on-demand video training and supporting mastermind calls included in the #CooperZone Academies. The academies started as a repository for the training videos that TC delivered on the live-streaming Periscope app (which is owned by Twitter). These lessons were so well received by thousands of viewers, that TC later used the most popular lessons to develop a learning portal for professional service firms and providers in the form of #CooperZone Academies.

At the helm of UpwardAction® and CooperZone™ Academies, TC has become a recognized leader in social marketing, online advertising and digital branding for professional service providers.  UpwardAction® has been engaged by businesses and government agencies that include: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Wall Street Project Economic Summit, Rutgers University, Levin Institute Kauffman and FastTrac Programs and the Maryland Bar Association, and numerous individual attorneys, consultants, and small firms.

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