On-Demand LinkedIn Training


It’s not enough to be on LinkedIn. You’ve got to know how to use the platform to stand about, increase your credibility and influence the actions of your target market.

($147 Annual Subscription. Cancel anytime.)

The Linked Impact Academy will teach you exactly how to maximize the power of LinkedIn in your business and career. Enroll in this academy and learn how to optimize your personal profile and/or company page to attract your target audience and influence their behaviors.

On-Demand Twitter Training



The Tweeple Impact Academy can help you use Twitter increase your impact, increase your influence and increase the profitability of your time on social media.

($97 Annual Subscription. Cancel anytime.)

Enroll in the Tweeple Impact Academy and learn how to use Twitter to send the right people to the right pages on your website and influence them to take money-making actions while they’re on your site.

Social Media Magic Lab Academy



To WIN business on social media, you have got to share content that influences your target audience to share, like, quote or otherwise distribute your content. Enroll in the Social Media Magic Lab Academy and learn how to use social networks to attract ideal clients and speed up your sales cycle.

($147 Monthly Subscription. Cancel anytime.)

This Academy contains over 40 lessons organized into 5 training modules that give you what you need, when you need it. A new lesson is added to this academy every week.

Live Streaming Impact Academy



The Live Streaming Impact Academy teaches how to use live streaming platforms like Periscope to build a community of people who become clients and sources of referrals.

($97 Annual Subscription. Cancel anytime.)

The Live Steaming Impact Academy will teach you exactly how to use Periscope to build a highly engaged and active online community of potential clients, colleagues and business partners.

LawyersLaunchpad Social Media Academy



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Digital Influencers Mastermind

Digital Influencers Mastermind

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Social Marketing Leader


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Take A Sneak Peak Inside the #CooperZone Academies

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You Can Build An Influential Digital Brand with Social Media Marketing.

Too many business owners in professional services are wasting time and money trying to post “stuff” on social media with no direction and no measurable results. Too many more are wasting resources hiring people to help them with social marketing who (i) either understand technology but know nothing about business development or (ii) are experts in strategic planning for business development but know nothing about using social media to sell professional services.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to help yourself and your team use social media and digital technology to:

• Increase Visibility Within Your Industry
• Establish Credibility & Build Trust Within Your Target Market
• Attract Your Ideal Clients Through Value and Engagement

It is not enough to be smart, successful, highly credentialed and well-respected off-line if your online presence is non-existent at best and inaccurate at the worst. Online obscurity is detrimental to your ability to leverage the power of social media to positively impact your bottom-line.

Outsourcing online marketing to a social media company is the best way to get real results. These types of companies know exactly what to do. Right? No, wrong.

While it’s certainly useful to engage a social media company to help develop or implement your social media plan, it’s a bad idea to completely outsource all of your social media work to people who do not truly understand your firm’s culture, personality or the legacy you’re building. When key members of your team (at a minimum) know how to use social media to share information that has as impact on people who can increase your bottom line, social media will become a source of income, not an expense. As a professional service provider or owner of a professional services firm, you WIN at social media when you use it to:


Who Should Enroll In Our Academies? 

  • Individual Professional Service Providers who want to use social media to grow their book of business.
  • Small professional service firms and companies. Special academy packages are available for companies that license 7 or more memberships for their staff and also participate in one of our two group coaching programs.

About #CooperZone Academies:

#CooperZone Academies is a user-friendly learning portal that provides on-demand training and group coaching opportunities teaching clients ranging from professional service providers with a small staff (of even one part-time person) to small firms with up to 50 employees, exactly how to develop a social media marketing plan as a part of their overall business development strategy, build an effective social marketing team, measure the impact of their work on social media, and leverage the resources spent on social marketing for profitable returns.

Group Coaching Opportunities:

The #CooperZone Academies curriculum provides user-friendly group coaching and consulting opportunities for executives and team leaders who design, implement and manage social media programs.

The Digital Influence Mastermind provides a 12-month guided walk through the key lessons in each of our academies. This mastermind program includes a monthly group coaching mastermind call with TC Cooper. It also include a private call with the Certified UpwardAction® Social Marketing Consultant assigned to member of the Mastermind.

The Social Media Leader is a 3-month program available to leaders of organizations that enroll 7 or more team members into our Social Media Magic Lab Academy or Digital Influence Mastermind. The program helps leaders of professional service firms oversee the development and management of an effective social media program. It includes both on-demand content and mastermind calls with other social media leaders.

Tasha “TC” Cooper is your lead instructor for the #CooperZone Academies.


TC Cooper, president of UpwardAction®, is not only an attorney, but also a teacher at heart who has invested nearly two decades in helping professional service providers and small business owners use social marketing and digital technology to build influential brands that support specific business objectives. This work started with her involvement in the Non-Profit Clinic at Columbia Law School as a student (where she worked with small businesses), showed up in her work-life as a big firm lawyer when she co-wrote a chapter in the legal treatise – Securities Law in the Electronic Age, and has evolved into developing the #CooperZone Academies™ Learning Portal more than 16 years later. TC brings her distinct teaching and consulting style to the on-demand video training and supporting mastermind calls included in the #CooperZone Academies. The academies started as a repository for the training videos that TC delivered on the live-streaming Periscope app (which is owned by Twitter). These lessons were so well received by thousands of viewers, that TC later used the most popular lessons to develop a learning portal for professional service firms and providers in the form of #CooperZone Academies.

At the helm of UpwardAction®, TC has become a recognized leader in social marketing, online advertising and digital branding for professional service providers.  UpwardAction® has been engaged by businesses and government agencies that include: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Wall Street Project Economic Summit, Rutgers University, Levin Institute Kauffman and FastTrac Programs and the Maryland Bar Association, and numerous individual attorneys, consultants, and small firms.


“Tasha Cooper is a phenomenal branding consultant and social media trainer & coach. I have hired her on behalf of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Procurement Programs to develop several training programs and to consult with our clients. TC provides practical, insightful and clear directions for implementing a workable plan of action for branding your company and using Web 2.0 strategies that will grow your business. I highly recommend her!”

Stephanie Burroughs, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC)

Thank you very much for your time and energy in presenting the three Build Momentum with Social Media sessions for our members. The feedback from the lawyers was very positive. It was especially helpful that you were able to demonstrate how a lawyer can turn her/his LinkedIn profile into a dynamic tool for building a network and communicating one’s problem solving ability and expertise. Showing lawyers how and when to use Twitter was very useful because you provided a clear strategy for getting results from this tool.

Daniel Mills, Esq.

My all‐day VIP Strategy Session with Tasha was phenomenal. Not only did she demonstrate encyclopedic knowledge of social media marketing, but she also proved extremely well‐prepared to address the specific needs of my firm. She was an enthusiastic, clear, and patient teacher who helped this internet marketing novice see the big picture.

David G. Ross, Esq.

I have had the great pleasure of bringing Tasha in twice for entrepreneur training programs. As someone who has taught entrepreneurship for many years and brought in countless speakers and business coaches, I can say without hesitation that Tasha Cooper is the best speaker and business coach that I have ever seen. She is a brilliant business strategist who also has outstanding communication skills. You literally cannot even write down all the great business solutions that she produces! I fully recommend Tasha with my highest praise.

John Childress

I found Tasha’s LinkedIn and Twitter presentations to the DC Bar Association extremely informative. As a business consultant and service provider, I know the importance of employing social marketing for self‐promotion. Tasha shared creative, practical and time efficient ways to use social media in my business. Her thorough presentations showed me how to improve my LinkedIn profile and to use Twitter to provide value and get the word out about my firm.

Deb Gaveglio

I attended a lunch and learn session that Tasha led on using social media that was outstanding. She gave a great overview of ways to grow and expand your practice through Twitter. She opened a new world to me and I’m excited about using what she taught.

Femeia Adamson, Esq.


TC Cooper's 100% Personal Guarantee! If you do not find the content contained in this academy valuable, you can have a hassle-free full refund within 7 days of your purchase.   

Membership in each of the #CooperZone Academies (Linked Impact Academy, Tweeple Impact Academy, Live Streaming Impact Academy and Social Media Magic Lab) comes with my *no-risk, 7-day unconditional money back guarantee*. I am so convinced that you will find the information shared in every one of our academies valuable, I'm willing to take the risk of letting you enroll in our academies for 7 days (a full week), look around and decide if the information is as helpful as I have promised. If you do not find the information to be valuable, you can cancel your enrollment and receive a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. *I'm so sure that you're love our training programs that I'm taking all the risk. There is absolutely NOTHING for you to lose!*


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our training academies and their potential to help your business. All claims made of earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average student/attendee/purchaser, do not and are not intended to represent or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same or similar results. Each person's success with our academies, products and programs is entirely dependent upon that person's background, dedication, desire,  motivation, discipline and consistent action. As with any business endeavor, program, product, academy or service – there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


Tasha “TC” Cooper
President of UpwardAction®
Founder of #CooperZone Academies™
Email:   CoachTC@UpwardAction.com
Office:  (800) 753-6576
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